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Costume and Prop Policy

Albany Comic Con is a family oriented event.  As such, proper attire, ultimately approved by staff, is required.  We ask that you use common sense when defining appropriateness of a costume and prop  for a family event.   

Albany Comic Con reserves the right to deny entry to members who do not comply with the Costume and Prop Policy. 

If you are wearing a large costume, please be aware of other convention attendees, especially young children.  We ask that you behave in a respectful manner to all convention attendees, guests and vendors.

Any and all props brought into Albany Comic Con must be in compliance with all federal, state and local laws.  Any prop constructed of live steel (sharp edged) is not permitted, including swords, knives and axes and other weapons.  If an item is constructed of metal without an edge, it must be approved by an Albany Comic Con staff member prior to admittance into the convention.

Wooden props such as a staff or wooden swords are permitted.

Please be aware that large props may cause a danger to others on the show floor.

Loud noise-making props should be minimized as to avoid disruption to other guests.  

Any sort of live martial arts weapon is not permitted into the convention. 

No firearms and/or projectile weapons of any kind are permitted.  This includes but is not limited to airsoft guns, BB guns, real firearms or working replicas.

The exception is as follows:

  • Toy plastic guns, models and replicas  with non-removable orange tips and no moving parts are permitte
  • Science fiction/fantasy gun props must also be non-firing, and easily identifiable as a prop. Orange tips are highly recommended.

Please note that the use of confetti or glitter as a prop  is not permitted at the convention.

Misuse of any prop will result in the item being deemed unsafe and removed from the convention.  Do not swing weapons in a public area, and be mindful of when moving about the show floor or posing for photos. 

All props must be tagged upon review and approval by designated Albany Comic Con staff.

Please note this policy may be subject to change without prior notice, and at the discretion of Albany Comic Con staff. By attending Albany Comic Con events, you agree to the terms and conditions of this policy.