Comic Book Improv

Albany Comic Con 1st Ever Comic Book “Improv” Jam Workshop

Our 11:00 panel at the November 9th show will be our first comic book “improv” jam workshop! See the creative process unfold right before your eyes! Writer Charles Santino and guest artists will create a finished comic book page, from concept to inks, while you watch—from an idea suggested by you, the fans. The completed page will be entered in the auction for RMHC. If your idea is used, you’ll get a copy of the original art, signed by the creators.
Here’s what we are looking for: a short, simple visual concept that can be handled on a single comic book page, with recognizable, mainstream characters.

1) Batman is swinging through Gotham when he spots a damsel in distress, tied to chair in an abandoned building. He crashes through a plate glass window to save her, only to be confronted by an armed thug.

2) Storm is walking across a charred, smoking wasteland. Suddenly, Callisto appears and challenges Storm. Callisto is wielding a scimitar and shield. Storm flies into the air, summoning a lightning strike on Callisto, which Callisto attempts to block with her shield.

…you get the idea: short and sweet–a concept that can be rendered on a single, dynamic page of art.
Now–you get to work on your own idea for a single comic book page, with recognizable, mainstream characters and submit it to us.

Keep it simple–as simple as the examples above.

Submit your idea ASAP to

We will select the best three entries from the fan suggestions and then put it up for a vote before the show. The fan concept that gets the most votes will be the page that Charles Santino and the artists create at the show, November 9, 2014.

Good luck!